About Us

El Concilio de Fresno, Inc. (referred to as El Concilio) is a respected non-profit, advocacy organization located in Fresno, California serving as a voice for over 180,000 Latinos living in the County of Fresno.  We firmly believe that our society becomes a better place in which to live when Latinos, the poor, and other disenfranchised people have the opportunity to contribute and participate in the total society and share in its benefits.

Since 1970, El Concilio has advocated this positive philosophy by initiating dialogue and disseminating information and communicating with educational and governmental institutions, businesses, and community groups within Fresno County.  Our alliances qualify our organization to speak for Latinos because our active constituency is comprised of Latino organizations and individuals that represent a cross section of our community.


El Concilio has earned acceptance as a successful and responsive organization because of the contributions of our dedicated and open-minded community of people.  Our volunteers have donated hundreds of hours of their personal time toward solving community problems, because they want to be part of a positive change.  Our volunteers are attuned to what is taking place in the total community and to specifically to what our Latino community is thinking and feeling about current issues and problems.  It is our belief that many of the deep-rooted community problems can only be addressed by timely and sensitive dialogue, careful study and examination of the issues, and commitment to the resolution of the problems.  


El Concilio is proud of its accomplishments through the years which reflect our commitment to enhancing the socio-economic, educational and political conditions for Latinos in Fresno County through dialogue with both public and private institutions.

EMPLOYMENT El Concilio is a strong advocate for improved employment and promotion opportunities for Hispanics. It has helped negotiate historic agreements insuring the hiring of an equitable number of Hispanics in the Fresno Police and Fire Departments, the County of Fresno and the Fresno District Fair workforce.


El Concilio supports access to quality education for Hispanic students and remedies for the large dropout rate. We have been instrumental in developing affirmative action plans for the Fresno Unified School District and the State Center Community College District aimed at increasing the hiring and promotion of Hispanic faculty and administrators.
MEDIA El Concilio has interceded in the employment and program agreements for Hispanics in the broadcast and printed media in Fresno including Channel 18, KMTF, and Channel 24, KSEE. Our dialogue with McClatchy Newspapers has resulted in more positive news coverage of Hispanics in the Fresno Bee and the establishment of scholarships for Hispanic journalism students.
WOMEN'S ISSUES El Concilio has consistently taken strong stands on issues brought before it which affect Latinas.
BUSINESS El Concilio's recommendations to the Fresno Fair Board have resulted in equal opportunity for Hispanics in competing for the fair's profitable conncession stand and maintenance projects.
YOUTH El Concilio supports those programs which will ensure that more of our young people realize their potential.
FARM WORKERS El Concilio has supported and continues to support legislative action aimed at improving the lives of farm workers who are an integral part of the great agricultural industry in the San Joaquin Valley.